Home Security Systems Help Keep Intruders Away at All Times

It seems that every time one turns on the television there is a new story in the news about a home robbery that took place in an unexpected area, which frequently makes viewers think about what can be done to prevent these types of situations from occurring in the first place. Nowadays, it is safe to state that we are living in a world where there are numerous of cold hearted individuals who are capable of doing anything to obtain an objective, so protecting your home with adequate security is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it can help prevent these types of incidents from ever happening in your home. It is better to prevent than lament!

Alarm System Options

There are many security system options out-there in the market that are either local alarm systems or monitored alarm systems; both of these systems can protect your entire home from intruders.

Local alarm systems are basic unmonitored systems that can be purchased at most stores. Over the years, due to their unique design, these types of systems have increased in popularity. Various sensors can be positioned around your home–in places like doors and windows. If they sense an intruder, these sensors will immediately go off by making a very loud noise to scare off the intruder and alert you.

On the other hand, monitored alarm systems are similar to local alarm systems–the only difference is that they can sense fires and carbon dioxide and have a connection to a monitoring service, which means that at any time that your alarm goes off, an agent will call your home to know if you are dealing with a real break-in or if it’s just a false alarm. If it’s a break-in, they will alert the authorities right away so that you can get immediate help.

The good thing about these monitored alarm systems is that you can add apps to know the state of your home, via your computer or cell phone, while you are away. Also, your homeowner’s insurance premiums may be reduced by up to 20%.

Different Local & Monitored Home Security Alarm Models

Glass Break Sensors- These sensors are very modern and effective; they can sense an intruder, as well as detect a window being broken.

Motion Detectors- These detectors add additional security by going off when an intruder is managing to get into your space.

Panic Buttons- These are buttons that you can carry around with you, which can be pressed at any time in case of a break-in; by doing so, you’ll automatically alert your monitoring company, and they’ll phone the authorities on your behalf.

Stress Sensors- Much like motion sensors, these sensors can be put under carpets or rugs to detect intruders.

Video Monitoring- Video cameras are the way to go if you want to have a real life visual of what’s going on in your home while you are away.

Wireless Systems- This system is easier to install, as it doesn’t require wires—just batteries.